We’re roughly two months into the 2017-2018 school year here on hawk hill, and I’m sure at some point during those two months we’ve all felt a little homesick. We miss our friends from home, our family, and especially our pets. Here are some of our tips to boost your mood and help make you feel a little less homesick!


Photo by Annie Mackert

Make your living space feel more like ‘home‘ by adding photos or décor that reminds you of where you come from. Mike Scanlon ’21, has a poster of Massachusetts on his front door to remind him of his home state. Etsy is great website to look for personalized décor from your hometown or state. Decorating with photos of friends and family from home can remind you of great memories and boost your mood if you’re feeling down.


Photo by Annie Mackert

Call your friends and family on FaceTime, which allows you to actually see the person you’re talking to on the phone. FaceTime calls, on a weekly basis, can help you stay connected to the people most important to you and make you miss them less. Hearing someone’s voice and seeing them can help you feel like they are actually there with you.


Photo by Annie Mackert

Writing in a journal could help get your feelings out. Claudia Plaza Barnils ’18, an international student from Spain, likes to write in a journal from time to time because, “Writing [her] thoughts and feelings makes [her] feel better so [she] do[es] not hold them inside.” Writing it all out is a great way to relieve the stress of holding everything in, while still keeping your thoughts and feelings private.


Photo taken by Annie Mackert

Getting hooked on a new series is a great way to pass the time and keep you distracted from missing home. Netflix has a large variety of shows to binge watch, so there is something for everyone. Try watching “Stranger Things” (seasons 1-2), catch up on “Riverdale” (season 1), the entire “Pretty Little Liars” and “Breaking Bad” series, the all-time classics–“Parks and Recreation,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “The Office” and many more.



Try to destress and relax yourself by using a meditation app. “Mindfulness” includes a five-day guided introduction to meditation and teaches you how to become mindful of yourself and your surrounding. “Headspace” offers a 10-day beginner’s course for meditation and helps you to focus more and sleep better.  “Calm” can help you reduce anxiety, sleep better and feel happier.


Photo taken by Annie Mackert

Try to get to know the people that live on your floor or in your suite. Cassidy Kovisto ’21, from California, says that “Living in a suite and constantly having people around to go do things with helps.” Grab a group of people and organize a trip to explore Philly together, or just hang out in the dorms and have a movie night, watch a sports game on TV, or play a game of cards.


Get involved in different clubs and groups on campus and meet new people. Visit the “Getting Involved at SJU” info session on Monday, November 6 at 5:30 in Forum Theater or Tuesday, November 7 during free period in the Mandeville Teletorium if you are interested in becoming a Hawk Host, RA, cast member of LINES, Red Shirt, or want to join Greek Life!

Being away from friends and family can be difficult for anyone, no matter how far hawk hill is away from your hometown. These several tips can help keep you distracted and stress-free from feeling homesick. Also remember: there’s only 17 more days until Thanksgiving break!


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