The holidays are a time for celebrations and family gatherings; it’s a chance to see old high school friends, or your extended family that you may only meet once or twice a year. Food is at the center of many of these get-togethers: potlucks with family, football with friends, or meals with cousins. We know that you want to eat it all without worrying about your physique. We get it, we’ll give you a break! Eat what your heart desires! But no need to fear; here are some of the exercise programs Saint Joseph’s University offers that you may look forward to upon arriving back for Spring semester. 

To keep you active during the semester, Saint Joseph’s offers group workouts, organized intramurals, and club sports. The Group Workout Programs are open to all members of the Saint Joseph’s community, including students, faculty and staff. The programs are held at the different gym spaces in O’Pake Recreation Center. 

With a community as big as ours with so many unique interests, the Workout Programs cover an array of different programs to choose from. 

Examples of the many different machines utilized in the Group Workout Programs. All photos taken by Laura Flores – Martinez.

Yoga/Intermediate Yoga: In a purifying and stimulating all-levels mind-body practice, synchronize your mind and body with breath and dynamic movement. To increase range of motion, build strength, dissolve tension, and improve clarity, Emily/Lou will lead you through movement in a rhythmic and fluid manner.

HIIT: By combining high intensity cardio bursts, with lower intensity strength building exercises, you’ll get a total body workout and even continue to burn calories for hours after the class ends.

Total Body Conditioning: This class targets various muscle groups through integrated body weight movements and controlled weight training for a full body workout.

Student participates in full body workout program. All photos taken by Laura Flores – Martinez.

Boot Camp: This bootcamp is a full body, high energy workout that gets your heart rate moving. This interval based class improves your overall cardiovascular endurance and is made of daily challenges that will keep you motivated.

Express Cycling: This is a 30-minute interval cycle class. Riders repeat bursts of efforts and hills through a short period of time to increase cardiovascular health.

For more on these programs, follow the link:

To access these workout programs, students must purchase a membership pass which comes in different options tailored to whatever you may need. A four-month plan costs $50, an eight-month is $75, and a full year membership is $100. These three options allow for much flexibility, such as a busy spring semester or study abroad programs. Sophomore Natalia Ferraiuoli said this works for her. 

“Paying for a membership, especially as cheap as this, definitely helped me stay motivated and on track with my fitness.”

Natalia Ferraiuoli

Making sure that staying on track and schedule with your fitness is hard enough and these programs make it easier. So enjoy break, eat hearty, and know that these programs are here for when you return. 

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