Gabby Smalls and her furry pal Ace share a dorm room.

Meet Gabby, a student athlete at Saint Joseph’s in her Junior year who is known for her dog on campus. She owns a mixed dog breed named Ace who accompanies her on campus and at home. Ace’s playful personality and loyalty makes for a great companion when she needs it most.

At 16 years old Gabby witnessed a life changing event which she never confronted and learned to cope with. This led to her being diagnosed with depression and anxiety that she struggles with daily. After talking to her therapist at school and at home it was decided that an emotional support animal was the best option for Gabby. 

Ace lives with Gabby in a Saint Joseph’s owned dorm building and joins her on campus as well. Ace has gone through all the requirements and registrations to be allowed on campus and in buildings. Although has to wear his ESA vest to show that he is a registered and legal support animal. 

Having Ace live with Gabby in her dorm and come on campus with her has really brought positivity into her life. He helps to keep her busy and mind off of things when she’s juggling school and being an athlete. Not only has he helped Gabby but equally her family through their struggles. 

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