College stresses every one of us out, from the several exams to the never ending homework assignments. All you want to do is relax and have no work to worry about and during fall break is your perfect opportunity! Nothing is more relaxing than being back at your hometown and in your cozy comfortable home with your family and maybe even your pets. The moment you arrive in your town the stress is relieved and college is on BREAK! This is your time to do everything you need to do to relax your mind and body from the stress college has caused you!These are the best things to do when your home to say goodbye to the stress and say hello to home!

Sleep In Your Own Bed

Yes your bed in your dorm is probably comfy but NOTHING is better than sleeping in your own bed in your own room, which is much bigger than your side of the room in your dorm! The feeling of sleeping in your own bed is so relaxing and makes you feel cozy that you are back home! It is even better when you wake up the next morning alone without a roommate or responsibilities like going to class! At college it is hard to get enough sleep due to all the homework and constant distractions, and the fact that you are not alone, but at home you can finally choose when to go to sleep without your roommate interrupting you or homework cutting into your sleep schedule! Getting enough sleep is essential so relieve that stress through sleeping it away in your own bed at home!!

Captured By Caitlyn Amadeo

Eat A Home Cooked Meal

We all know Campion Dining Hall is not your top place you want to eat ever. Every time you eat there, you just miss home more because of the amazing home cooked meals your family would cook every night for you. The difference between the dining hall food and the meals cooked at you home can not even be compared! Make sure you request your favorite home cooked meal to a family member to make! The first bite you eat is going to taste so good and that home cooked meal is never going to taste better!

Home Cooked Meal. Chicken Bruschetta and Mashed Potatoes. Captured By Caitlyn Amadeo

Watch A Movie With Your Family

Nothing is better than laying on your coach in your cozy living room watching a movie on the big television with your family. Sit back and relax while spending time with your family by watching a favorite movie. The stress will disappear from your mind and the happiness of being with your family will make you feel so at home. So sit back on your couch and get your family together to watch a movie!

The Grinch Movie, Captured By Caitlyn Amadeo.

Play A Board Game With Your Family

Instead of scrolling on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, put down the phone and play a board game with your family.  At college, you are constantly doing homework or on social media so take it back to the old days when playing board games was more prominent than social media! Spending time with your family is important and will help you relieve that stress and enjoy your time home!

Would You Rather Board Game. Captured By Caitlyn Amadeo

Take A Drive Around Your Town

Explore your hometown by relaxing and blasting music in your car while driving around all over! Driving up and down the blocks of your town looking through the window at the familiar sights that make your hometown your favorite town!

Captured By Caitlyn Amadeo.

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