In the beauty world today, there are plenty of “it” brands that completely rule the market. The problem with high end cosmetic lines like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, and Tarte, is lain within the price. Although these brands create great items, they are usually much too costly for the average struggling college student to afford. However, just because you want to achieve a certain look doesn’t mean you need to break your bank! Below are some great drugstore products you can find for $10 or less and essentially work the same as high-end products.


This foundation is a great staple for anyone’s makeup bag! It has a great shade range and provides buildable coverage, perfect for those with sensitive skin who don’t want a lot of product on their face.

MAYBELLINE FIT ME CONCEALER: $7.19, find it here!

This concealer has been raved about ever since it hit the shelves a few years back. It has a moderate amount of coverage, which is perfect for an everyday makeup routine, or for when you simply want to conceal a few blemishes.


A great pressed powder is key in anyone’s makeup routine in order to set foundation and concealer. For a great price, the Clean Matte Pressed Powder is great to create an airbrushed finish.

WET N WILD COLOR ICON BROW PENCIL: $2.19, find it here!

Wet N Wild is one of the most affordable drugstore brands on the market right now, with great products to back up their low costs. This pencil is great to create the look of an arched, precise brow.

WET N WILD LIQUID EYELINER: $4.19, find it here!

This liquid eyeliner is great if you’re looking to achieve that go-to cat-eye look. The felt tip brush is perfect to draw an intricate line, and the formula is awesome too!

MAYBELLINE ROCKET MASCARA: $7.99, find it here!

The Rocket Mascara is definitely a fan favorite for the Maybelline brand! It’s small, defined brush helps to separate and comb your lashes up, adding good volume and extra length.

A full face of makeup is more easily accessible than you think. You can achieve the same great looks for half of the price by switching to drugstore products instead of high end. Essential both will give you the same results. Keep Slaying!

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