Like that feeling you get after a spa day of complete peace and happiness, zen provides those same feelings. Being in a total state of focus and relaxation, our “zen” can bring us a sense of mindfulness. As simple as it sounds, mindfulness is key. It is known as the basic human ability to be fully present, and not overwhelmed by what is going on around us. It is the little things in life where we can find benefits. Use these five steps to help get you on your way to finding your zen and a sense of mindfulness!


  1. Write It Down and Reflect  

Rather than typing, set your phone to the side and grab a journal. Jot down what’s on your mind. How was your day? Do you have any goals? Any bad habits? What’s bothering you? Is anything stressing you out? These are just a few things you could consider while writing in your journal. By letting what’s on your mind escape through the end of your pen, you might feel a sense of relief.

2. Get Mindfully Connected 

Back to the phone. Other than using your phone to check your Snapchats and scroll through Instagram, use it in a way that can truly benefit you. How can you do that? Download Headspace: Meditation, Calm, or Zen – Meditation. Once you download these apps, you can practice breathing exercises, do daily mindfulness exercises, learn different skills of meditation, and much more (Click on the titles of the apps to read about them and possibly download!).

3. Say “Ommm” or Punch It Out

Yoga is a popular way to find your zen. It increases energy and provides mindfulness that is beneficial to everyone. If yoga is too slow for you, try boxing. Though it’s an intense workout, boxing helps decrease stress. All around, working out allows you to sweat out toxins. Don’t feel like leaving the house or paying for boxing or yoga classes? Click on the links attached to “yoga” and “boxing” to do online workouts… it’s free!

4. Hello H2O!

Wanna know any easy trick to feel good and refresh your mind? WATER! Ditch all those other drinks and challenge yourself to only drink water! It’s crazy how drinking something that’s free, if you’re cool with tap water (unless you have a Brita), helps increase brain power and provides energy! It also flushes out toxins that your body holds onto. So definitely chug a bottle of H2O after that yoga or boxing class to flush those toxins you didn’t sweat out! A healthy self is a better self! Hydration is key! Fight those headaches that can put a damper on your day! 

5. Other Ways to Find Mindfulness!

BREATHE! Focus on your breathing. For five seconds each, inhale, hold, and exhale. By focusing on your breathing, you’re not thinking of the past nor the future, you’re focusing your mindfulness on your breaths. Another way to keep yourself focused on one thing is doing coloring therapy. By trying to stay in the lines of abstract coloring pages, you enter a meditative state. Negative thoughts are expelled as you focus on coloring, and could potentially lower stress and anxiety levels.


As college students, it is common to struggle with finding zen. With our heads in our books, trying to finish that paper, studying for that nightmare of an exam, or many other scenarios, college can be tough… really tough. But it is good to keep these five steps in mind because everyone needs that sense of zen. Namaste!


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