Doctors say chlorophyll will clear your skin, others say it will clean and detox your body… and it’s trending on TikTok! Recently people began drinking chlorophyll for its health benefits which took social media by storm. Most people only know what chlorophyll is from a sixth or seventh grade science class. Could this new trend be onto an almost magical health breakthrough or is it just another social media fad that we will forget about over the next year?

SJU (Celia Mattie), student shows off her liquid chlorophyll drops!

The liquids and tablets of chlorophyll that people are taking is chlorophyllin which is a synthetic form of chlorophyll. Chlorophyllin contains powerful antioxidants which helps decrease oxidative damage (imbalance of oxygen in the body) caused by poor diet, chemical carcinogens, UV light exposure and radiation among other factors Chlorophyll Benefits, Uses, Risks and Side Effects. These antioxidant properties also detoxify the body, clear up acne, fight bad breath, and work as a natural weight loss solution.

Chlorophyll or chlorophyllin comes in liquids, tablets, sprays, and ointments. The best way to get your chlorophyll is probably just to eat more greens such as spinach or arugula Liquid Chlorophyll Benefits and Risks. The recommended dosage is between 100 and 300 milligrams per day if you take the synthetic form according to Oregon State University. It is important to keep in mind that chlorophyllin supplements are not regulated so doses will vary.

It is clear both chlorophyll and chlorophyllin may be related to health benefits, but research is currently limited so more studies will have to be done to be sure. Until more research is done it is speculation whether chlorophyll is a magical health breakthrough or just a placebo effect. The good news is scientists do agree that eating more greens or taking the synthetic supplements are safe.

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