Life is not an easy task. Throughout our daily lives, it is hard to take a step back to focus on ourselves, take care of ourselves, and stay motivated. If you find yourself stressing constantly over school, work, or life in general; here are some affirmations you can tell yourself and actions you can do to keep yourself positive. 

On the second floor of the library at SJU, there are couches and tables where students can study, but also enjoy a relaxing and beautiful view of Barbelin Hall.
Credit: Pat Taddei

Affirmation: I will get this done! 

Action: Go to a quiet place where you can focus. When there, try a personal meditation or use an app to help you. A good app for meditation and self reflection is “Headspace” which is a great guide to health and happiness. You could also try a mood boosting food to fuel you through your assignment or busy day. A great mood booster is a smoothie bowl. A great smoothie bowl place to find your fuel near SJU is Boostin’ Bowls. 

Affirmation: I deserve to take time for myself

Action: Read a book, play some video games, go on a run. A key for mental health is to just take time for yourself. Whether it would be taking an impromptu field trip with friends to your favorite restaurants, or going to see the movie you have wanted to go to. Just note that mental health is key to being a better you.

Affirmation: I am loved and I have family and friends that will support me

Action: Always know that the people who are out there who love and support you will always be there for you. Reach out to them and just talk if you are going through a rough time and need some advice. Tell your family that you love them and let your friends know too.

Look on the bright side
Credit: Pat Taddei

Affirmation: Things will work out in the end. No need to worry

Action: Calm down look at the good things that could come out of hard work. Not everything is going to be easy in life. Look for stress reducing creams or do some stress reducing activities to get your mind off of everything for a little while and come back to it refreshed. There will always be people who are there to support you and stand up for you so you can speak with them as well to reduce stress. As Bob Marley said, “don’t worry about a thing.”

Affirmation: Love yourself and who you are

Action: If you don’t love yourself, how can you love anything or anyone else. Happiness all starts with being happy with who you are. Once you are happy with yourself, you can make those around you happy too.

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