Don’t know how to find your inner peace?  Have you tried meditating but couldn’t find the right method that suits you?

Meditation is a great way to relax and refocus on the important things going on in your life.  For just 60 minutes you can stop stressing about all of the school work, tests, and group projects. We have put together a list of different meditations to do based on your personality type!

The Athlete

For those of you that can’t seem to sit still for more than five minutes, try working out as a meditation.  Going for a run is a great way to clear your head and boost your endorphin levels, which are natural stress fighters in your brain and mood boosters.  Workout classes are also a fun way to let go of some stress.  A lot of workout instructors give you different things to think about throughout the class and allow you to focus on yourself for a good hour.

The Artist

For those that like to get creative when you’re stressed, try coloring!  Adult coloring books provide intricate designs to color in and require a lot of focus.  Coloring allows you release tension and stress by refocusing your energy and allow to enjoy the little things in life that make you the happiest.  Follow this link to download some coloring pages!

The Thinker

If you tend to work yourself up and overthink a lot, try a guided meditation.  Scientific studies have shown that the experience you have with a guided meditation is just like having a real experience.  Guided meditation can range from anything from listening to a mediation online, attending a yoga class, or, if you are religious, attending weekly mass.

The Busy Bee

Are a busy person jumping from event to event?  Take some time for yourself and get some chores done.  Doing mindless work like laundry or the dishes will not only clear your mind but will also make you feel better about all the dirty laundry that has been piling up.

The Server

At Saint Joseph’s we pride ourselves on doing service “with and for others.”  Try participating in one SJU’s many service opportunities.  They do not take up much time and allow you to do something not just for yourself, but for others as well.  During service, you are usually given some questions to reflect on throughout your time at the service site.  This is a great time for meditation and self-examination.


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