“I feel like I’m forgetting something! What do I need?”

You’ve worked hard, you’ve prepared, and now the moment has finally arrived… it’s interview time. If you’re worried that you are forgetting something or completely clueless on what to bring besides yourself, take a deep breath. We’ve got your back.

1.) Copies of your resume

It would be a good idea to have some extra copies of your resume for the people you are interviewing with. Although it may not be crucial, it wouldn’t hurt to have that information in front of you just in case. If there are multiple people interviewing you, they would appreciate a copy of your resume.

2.) Directions

Even though we have that handy GPS on our phones, Google Maps can’t give us directions on where to go once we arrive to the building. Make sure you talk to someone about which entrance to go in, where to go once you get inside, where to park, and if you will need a parking pass.

3.) The phone number of your interviewer

You never know what traffic could be like or if you will run into another type of problem on the way. Have the interviewer’s phone number ready just in case you need to notify them of an issue.

4.) Money

Always have money on you and some change just in case you need to pay for a meter or to park in a parking garage.

5.) Pen and Notepad

Even though this may sound like a cliche, having a pen and notepad on you shows that you are prepared and thought ahead of time. Your interviewer may give you some names of other places or people with phone numbers and locations. It is important to show that you are mindful of everything that they are suggesting. Writing information down is a good way to show that you genuinely care.

6.) Tide To-Go stick

You never know what could happen when you are frantically trying to get to this interview. Although that Starbucks drink might be refreshing, in panic mode things can get messy.

7.) Gum, mints or anything to make you smell better

The last thing your interviewer wants to be distracted by is bad breath or body odor. Put on some extra deodorant that day. Chew some gum or have a mint ahead of time. Just make sure to spit out the gum before the interview begins!

“I really wish I brought deodorant with me when I went on an interview. I was really nervous and the office was hot and then I got really self-conscious about people being able to smell me,” Danielle Dortic, ‘19

8.) A Flash Drive

Have some of your work stored and ready on a Flash Drive. Designate this Flash Drive solely to the work you want your interviewer to see.

9.) Portfolio

Again, showing that you are prepared is important. Depending on the type of position you are looking for, a portfolio of your work may be essential. Bring anything you have worked on such as; spreadsheets, design samples, or any type of proposals that you have. It doesn’t matter if you sent in these samples ahead of time, you should still bring more.

10.) Confidence

The most important of the 10 things you should bring to your interview. Once you know that you’ve got everything you need, your confidence is the last thing to mark off your checklist.

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