Second semester seniors give us the run-down on classes they’re taking as they wind down their college career.

Class: Personal Financial Planning (FPL 200)

Professor: Jackson Mills

I’m taking personal financial planning this semester because I think that it will be useful for me when I begin my career. I want to work in financial advising and this introductory level course will help to set me up for future success.”

-Matthew Villano, Finance Major


Class: Writing for Public Relations (ENG 265)

Professor: Queen Muse

“After taking Public Relations and Publicity in the business school, I wanted to further my knowledge and focus on the writing aspect of PR since writing is so crucial in that field. I aspire to work in Public Relations so any course that can strengthen my skills is a must. My professor is super knowledgeable and has a lot of industry experience, which makes the class exciting.”

-Carley Del Sordo, Marketing Major


Class: Business Policy (BUS 495)

Professor: George Sillup

“I am taking Business Policy because it’s the capstone class for the business school, so it is a requirement to graduate. I think the class does a really good job pulling together everything that we have learned thus far in the business school and having professors from different departments all co-teaching the class is really helpful for doing different parts of the final project.”

-Emily Englehart, Pharmaceutical Marketing Major


Class: Selling Skills and Decision Making (FMK 316)

Professor: George Latella

“I am taking selling skills and decision making as one of my food marketing electives. I really enjoy this class and am finding it super helpful because it is teaching us selling skills and techniques and giving us live examples so we are well prepared after graduation.”

-Colleen Dolan, Food Marketing Major & Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability (LEO) Minor


-Lauren Johnson

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