If you’re a regular at the Drexel Library at SJU, there is most likely an area of the library you consider your “usual spot.” There are different floors and sections of the library, and where a student frequents says a lot about them. With so many diverse places to study in the library, there are a few spots that have tell-tale personalities.

  1. New Side of Library – First Floor

If you are a regular on the first floor of the library, you are most likely a Business Major, or any major that entails group work and discussions. Being that this is one of the loudest places in the library, you go here to chat with your friends, day dream out of those ceiling-high windows, and try to brainstorm a great idea for your upcoming group presentation. Talking is encouraged in this part of the library, and you definitely talk advantage of this.

2. Any of the Quiet Sections

Books in Drexel Library

The funny thing about the quiet section is that it accommodates students with polar opposite study habits. You may be a quiet section regular: you come to the library to do your work efficiently and get out. You may, however, fall into the category of the other half of the students found here: you are a major procrastinator and have found the only way to realistically get your work done in time, is to cut yourself of all distractions from the outside world.

3.  New Side of Library – Second Floor

Second Floor of Library

If you sit on the second floor, new side of the library, you come to the library to socialize, and get a little bit of work done. Work, for the most part, is not necessarily your top priority if you choose to study in this section of the library. You aren’t too stressed about your workload, and don’t need to focus much, because that’s what the quiet section is for, right?

4. Behind the Bookshelves

One of SJU’s many study spots.

If you study at one of the exclusive and intimate tables behind the bookshelves, you are truly a book worm. You don’t just come to the library to get your work done, you enjoy it as well. You like the smell of the old hardcover books, and believe sitting secluded and surrounded by books is the only way to have a true library experience.


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