Studying is an essential part of the Saint Joseph’s experience. Here at SJU, most people study in the same places like the library, Merion Hall or outside when they need to get work done. So what does your first choice study location say about who you are?

Dorm Room

You like to get things done with little to no distractions. You’ve got your snacks close by, can kick off your shoes and have no one else to worry about when you’re playing your music loudly. Plus, you have all your books and school supplies in an arms reach. What more could you need from a study space?


You’re a nature lover, so why would you let homework get in the way of that? Sitting on Barb Beach or one of the many picnic tables and enjoying the Hawk Hill views- there’s nothing like a nice sunny day for a productive homework session! Sitting outside gives you the best of both worlds.

Coffee Shops

Got the need for caffeine? Whether it’s Starbucks, Merion Hall and Einstein’s, or the new Saxbys, these coffee shops will have you ready to conquer any assignments you may have to complete. You prefer coffee shops for the communal aspects, the ever present but indiscernible white noise, but most importantly, the coffee.

The Library

Oh yes, the library. Going to the library can mean multiple things about you depending on which floor you study on- so let’s break it down.

First and second new side people, you don’t really go there to study. You go there to hang out instead! It’s not uncommon for you to go on long walks between floors, talking to everyone you know, ending up at DB and coming back to your table with snacks. Hardcore studiers beware, these are not the floors for you.

Third floor new students know how to study. Find a quiet place, eliminate distractions, go to the library, do your work, leave the library. If you’re a third floor new student, you have mastered the art of efficient studying.

Old side students prefer the simpler things in life. A large, wooden table for all your friends and a space where studying is the number one priority, the old side of the library is the place to be if you need to get work done but also want to hang out with friends. If you are an old sider, you know what you need to study but aren’t afraid to take some time for yourself.

“I Don’t Study”

Students that don’t study- don’t study. No studying students have no need to study because they either pay highly close attention in class or pay no attention at all. If you’re one of those students, you most likely hang out wherever you are, even if it is one a traditional studying spot.

Here at SJU, we have many spaces for us to study. Whether it is the library or a coffee shop, outside or in your dorm room, where you decide to study reveals the type of student you are. Which one are you?


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