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Nervous and don’t know what to expect from your SJU orientation this summer? Don’t worry, every incoming freshman feels the same way. If you’re worried you won’t make friends, it might be boring or you don’t know anyone, we’re here to tell you that you will be fine and have the best time ever! Of course, it might get slightly awkward at first and you won’t know what to do, but the orientation leaders are there to help and guide you through the fun weekend ahead. We even asked an orientation leader a few questions that will ease your doubts, along with details of all the fun activities they have planned for you!

These interviews will give you an insight as to this summer’s orientation through the eyes of two of the leaders, who will make sure to give you the best first step towards your next four years at Saint Joseph’s University!

What is your name? And year?

Jill Batman – Junior Class of 2019

Nikki Pejavara- Freshman Class of 2021

What can freshman expect for Orientation 2022?

Jill: Introduction to campus life and regulations, policies on campus and resources they can use for their next four years that will become very handy, especially their first year as they navigate through their new phase in life. 

Nikki: Freshmen can expect to have a great, fun-filled, and informative two days spending time with future hawks.

What are some fun activities you have planned for freshmen during that week?

  • Reading all the important information that needs to be known for their first year along with choosing their fall courses. 
  • Black Light Dance where we get them to socialize and have fun while they dance to great music. 
  • Take a trip to the Philadelphia Art Museum to run up the steps and take photos together. 
  • Games that will help them get to know one another. 

Which one are you most excited about and why?

Jill: Make a difference with the freshman and show them how much fun college is going to be. We want to help them star college off on the right foot. 

Nikki: I’m most excited about meeting all the great freshmen and telling them about the great school that SJU is. 

What things are you doing differently from Orientation 2021?

Jill: Team bonding is different, and icebreakers that the freshman can expect will be more easy flowing. This time our focus is more on helping them get to know one another and make as many friends as possible so that some don’t feel alone when they first arrive at SJU in the fall. 

Nikki: Some of the informative sessions will be different than past years, as well as icebreakers. 

How would you compare being a leader to being led?

Jill: Being a leader, as exhausting as it is, is all about how much of an impact I can make leading the freshmen and also I am the first face they see on campus. Now, being led is different because I didn’t know how much time and training went into orientation and did not realize the importance of orientation as a whole. 

Nikki: My orientation experience is what convinced me how amazing the school is. I cannot wait to share this experience with future hawks! Being a leader will be so exciting so I can share the experience from a different perspective. 


HAWKS ON 3- 1….2….3!!!!! HAWKS!!!!!

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