Classical music or trap music? People listen to all kinds of things when they do homework, but what will really get you that ‘A’ on your test?

Research can’t tell you exactly which songs to listen to because it varies from person to person, but here are some science-backed characteristics of effective studying music.

Studying Songs Characteristics

Not your favorite songs

You’re going to start singing along, and get nothing done. Trust us.

Consistent state

Keep the music style similar between songs.

Steady and repeating beat

Consistency is key! A steady beat will help you get into a rhythm!

Fast Tempo for Motivation

An upbeat song will get you pumped up, but be careful that it doesn’t stress you out either.

No lyrics

Instrumental music will help you concentrate on your work rather than trying to finally sing that verse correctly.

Natural elements

Waterfalls, wave crashing, wind blowing. All of these and more will relax you and get you ready to tackle that textbook.

Not too loud

If it’s too loud, you won’t be able to focus on your work! Medium volume is the best for creativity and problem solving.

So what songs?

So now that you’ve got the characteristics, what songs do you listen to? We asked some fellow hawks for their favorite studying songs.

One student, junior Julia Gray, responded, “If I’m writing a paper and I know what I’m writing, then I’ll listen to rap music because it hypes me up and makes write faster, but if I’m reading or studying, then I’ll listen to the Spotify playlist Music for Concentration or Instrumental Study”

Junior Alyssa Gardner said she listens to John Mayer music when doing homework and classical music when I’m studying.  “John Mayer is mellow enough to listen to while doing homework where I won’t get distracted while listening to the lyrics.”

Other students said they enjoy the Spotify playlist, The Most Beautiful Songs in the World. They said that because the songs didn’t have any words, it was very calming to listen to and were not distracting because they didn’t already know the song.

Based on scientific studies and input from students, we put together a Spotify playlist for studying!

What songs do you listen to when you study and what do you think of our playlist? Let us know in the comments!

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