By; Madigan Gallagher, Chelsea Evans, and Caroline Eisenburg

As a student at Saint Joseph’s University, school is something that we have gone through for our entire lives, and making the decision to go to college was an attempt to further the education we have had up to this point. Throughout your time at college, people study and take courses so to inspire them as to what they will do for the rest of their lives. It allows us to carve our paths as individuals and find a place in the world, and it all begins with your base. 

Freshman year, many times students take general education courses to build up their resume and discover the multiple options one has before declaring a specific major. It is important to recognize the significance of these courses and the impact they make on a first-year student, all the way through senior year and beyond. Fortunately, where we sit today is an incredible place to start. Saint Joseph’s University is recognized for its many influential divisions of school, such as the Haub School of Business, which for many students put them on the right track since the beginning, and continues to provide a solid education and exploration path for such majors as business, accounting, risk management and insurance and even undecided. 

Coming from Taylor Marinelli, a current junior at SJU, “business courses are very beneficial to nearly all undecided students, providing them a solid foundation to more easily get on track and decide where exactly they want to go.” For those whose major and calling is business, such as freshman Sara Dimarino, SJU’s recognized Haub School of Business gives not only exceptional courses for beginner students to enroll in, but also helpful insight and guidance  so to ensure each of them that they are on the right path, and providing options if a time comes when they are not. Helpful courses include math, microeconomics, first-year seminars, and even world languages such as spanish. 

Taylor Marinelli ‘ 21 featured in this article repping SJU Orientation gear.

Not only is the business aspect of school important and helpful, but education majors have been thriving and growing, especially here at SJU. It provides a fast-track, four year program rather than some other schools five year cites sophomore Amanda Herr. The hands on classes such as child development allows one to explore what life is really like in their major and beyond. 

Saint Joseph’s University has done and continues to do its best to make this school home.

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