Oops! I did it again. Another night of cramming philosophical theories and chemistry formulas. The thinking of  “I’ll put it off until tomorrow” has not worked- it tomorrow and I am unprepared.

So what’s the real reason you have procrastinated? Do you like the feeling of being rushed, anxious and nervous? How do you deal with the unexpected printer jam?

Many college students put off their assignment until the last possible time. They simple put the “more important” tasks higher up on their to-do list. But do they ever get to the bottom of this list? We recommend that you give yourself deadline to complete your goal. This will force yourself to reach the deadline and get the assignment done. Another way to conquer an assignment is to reward yourself after its completion. Say to yourself, “I must get this essay in before I go out tonight.”

Social scientists have confirmed what most of already know: College students are “adept” procrastinators and all of that procrastination leads to bad papers and projects and low exam scores.

The Huffington Post corroborated with Studymode and created a poll of over 1,300 students in both college and high school. They asked them whether they consider themselves a procrastinator and here are the results:

So we have come to terms, does procrastination actually work or are the procrastinators trying to justify the stereotypical saying “I do better under pressure?”  We interviewed students at Saint Joseph’s to see what their worst horror story of procrastination is. Here is what they had to say.



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