Rate my Professor is an interactive sight which allows students to give ratings on previous or current Professors. These ratings are on a scale of 1-5 and students can leave comments and tags under the post. Despite the millions of responses, the website has, you will tend to see the same three reviews, the helpful review, the funny review, an the aggressive review.

  1. The helpful review

The most prominent review that shows up in Rate my professor is the helpful one. This review tends to give a detailed description of what the teacher and the course is like. They tend to not let their personal experience get in the way of what the class really is.  These reviews are typically the ones that make and break a professor.
2. The funny review
On the other hand, the funny review offers a more entertaining response. This review tends to give a very comedic look into what the classroom setting is like. Despite this being a comedic approach, it still gives the reader a feeling of what that student went through.

3. The Aggressive One

The aggressive review takes Rating my Professor to a whole new level. This review is usually done by students that truly disliked the class and teacher. These reviews should be taken as a grain of salt as they are personal accounts of the student’s experience. They are usually hostile towards the teacher because of their background with the subject or for other reasons.


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