At the moment, the entire planet is feeling so much uncertainty. Most people are depressed or scared, wondering when the world will feel normal again. May we never take for granted the little things in life every again; Whether it is being able to grab a cup of coffee, being able to smile at another stranger, go to your favorite restaurant for that special, delicious meal, and most importantly, seeing the people who bring out the best in you, I will never take these simple moments for granted from now on. 2020 was going very smoothly, until COVID-19 hit the U.S COVID-19 is a disease that has affected this whole entire world. For the past 2 months, everyone in the world has been ordered to be in a quarantine, which means that we must remain in our homes while practicing social distancing from one another. Businesses all over the world have been shut down, besides essential businesses like food stores and gas stations. With just a quick spread of a virus, our world was completely shut down. All education systems were moved to online learning, causing everyone to be away from each other. This really put things into perspective for me and everyone around the world and here is why.

            We are two months into quarantine. Not being able to go get a cup of coffee, being scared to even walk out of your house to go into public, and most importantly, I did not get to say goodbye to any of my college friends before we all had to quickly return to our hometowns for safe shelter. Losing three months at college was not something I was expected for. Not until now did I realize how much I took for granted, and I think we all can agree to this.

Maybe none of us can avoid this confusion and turmoil one-handedly, but what we can is look at ourselves objectively and see what we can learn from all this. Looking back on all my moments with my best friends is what makes this time so hard yet puts life into perspective for me. I will never take the little things for granted again.  The little things that we take for granted are asking a friend to go get food, being able to not stand 6 ft away from each other, laughing at stupid things together, and just human presence in general. As I sit here with myself every single day, I think of all the happy and fun times that I wish I was able to experience in these times. However, I continue to practice safe procedures that are being demanded by the president, Donald Trump, so that this virus goes away sooner, and life can go back to normal again.

In an article titled, “How COVID-19 Is Teaching Us How Much We Take For Granted, written by Stephani Shaner, discusses how in such a short amount of time, our freedom is taken away from us. Stephani says, “Maybe all of us are a little guilty of taking the little things for granted because we never knew what it would be like to have them snatched away so quickly.” I miss being able to walk freely without having to worry about getting sick. I miss seeing the people who bring out the very best in me and make me the happiest, I miss my normal life. No matter how simple a moment is, you must always be happy you have moments and feelings like this in life because it can be taken away so quickly, which is why from now on, I will truly live in the moment and never take simple things in life for granted ever again. The things that once seemed commonplace are now some of the best things in life that we can appreciate. Benefit from this hard time and make the rest of your life a future that you will be grateful for.

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