You did it – you finally moved into college! It’s been less than a week since you said your heartfelt goodbyes, adioses, and sayonaras to your friends and family back at home, and you’re ready to finally settle into your new life at SJU. You’ve decided to go check out what clubs and organizations SJU has to offer – you need to get a head start on that college experience everyone’s talking about, after all! Lanyard in hand, you step onto Curran Field, take a breath, and make your way into the fresh hell that is the activities fair.

The activities fair is one of the most overwhelming events at SJU, especially when you’re attending for the first time as a freshman. Close your eyes and imagine just about every club on campus, gathered on a field at the same time, trying to get new and old students alike to sign up and give their club a shot… Now open your eyes, because that one senior you made eye contact with is still yelling at you to put your name down for the Milk, Cookies, and Movies Club, and you’re afraid of what might happen if you try to run away.

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As you navigate through rows of tables, putting your name and email down for every club that seems halfway interesting – the Baking Club, the Improv Team, the Adventure Club, and, wait, we have Club Water Polo? – you realize that you have no clue what you’re actually interested in anymore. A week later, your inbox is blowing up with emails about first meetings, tryouts, auditions, and a poll about which film the Milk, Cookies, and Movies Club should watch first. You begin to consider if staying in your dorm and watching Netflix by yourself is the activity that suits you the most.

Fear not, freshmen. The activities fair is supposed to be overwhelming. You’re a freshman, after all – you’re not supposed to know what you want to do yet. As you sift through all those emails, don’t be afraid to try anything and everything that seems interesting (you can drag your roommates along with you too, if necessary). As you progress through your time here on Hawk Hill, you’ll find the club that ends up being the perfect fit for you. For me, that was the SJU Improv Team, one of the twenty clubs I signed up for at my freshman year activities fair, and one I never thought I’d actually end up doing.

In time, you’ll end up on the other side of the table as an upperclassman, yelling at freshmen to write their names down on your email list. And let me tell you, it’s pretty fun.

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