Slangin’ while Hangin’


While language is universal, slang is not. All those grade school language classes are only good for conversing with the president or a queen. Assuming that rosetta stone will cure the language barrier when you go abroad is down right humorous. We are able to shorten long formal words into short, easily understandable phrases or words.

Slang is used to connect with people through conversation. Like an inside joke, slang excites and makes people feel included.

If it is traveling to a new country for school, visiting family and friends, or taking a road trip to another state, people deal with slang constantly. From meeting new people to making new friends, slang makes you feel like you’ve fit in until you actually do.

Then you arrive and suddenly slang comes into play and you feel lost. You feel unprepared.

We just don’t understand each other’s regional slang. There’s so much different slang used even, in the United States. Coming to West Philadelphia from as close as New Jersey, you hear “jawn” used in a sentence and think to yourself “what’s that mean?”

Saint Joseph’s University doesn’t want this for their students. As a community, we should be willing and able to talk with our fellow Hawk-mates with ease and confidence. Incorporating a course and/or narrowing in on teaching slang, will not only help educate but also will realistically strengthen our SJU sense of equality.

Enjoy this video of some SJU Hawks as they venture into making our campus community a home for all.


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