There is no doubt that college can be overwhelming at times. Each semester we face ups and downs. However, at the end of the day we are able to get through it no matter what. Every semester brings new challenges to all of us, here are 5 students that share their stories.

Brent Sullivan

Source: Brent Sullivan

“The hardest part of this semester for me has been the variety of classes in addition to the different breaks this semester. Since I had a late pick time last semester I had to take some required classes that are normally put off until junior and senior year such as a religious difference and business law. The stretch between winter break and spring break was tough as it was about 8 straight weeks of classes without any time off. After spring break, I went home two weeks

later and then a week from now will be Easter and thus another break. The long stretch between winter and spring break, in addition to the choppy schedule after spring break, added to the difficulty of managing the workload.”

“The most drastic obstacle had to be juggling searching and applying for summer internships while managing classwork and extra-curriculars.”

”I’ve tried to manage my time better, such as applying to an internship every 2 or 3 days first thing in the morning and just using any additional time I have to search job pages and try to network.”

Michael Digricoli

Source: Michael Digricoli

“The hardest part of this semester for me has been when I have had multiple assignments for multiple classes all due within the same week. In addition, this semester I battled a vicious case of pink eye. It was wild, my right eye swelled shut during my accounting exam and I couldn’t see.”

“I got past this obstacle with shear determination and grit. I scratched and clawed to the end of that test even though my vision was off balance and I was clicking the wrong buttons on my calculator. But dammit, I did it all right! Afterwards I was able to obtain antibiotics to treat my situation.”



Corinne Sinesi

Source: Corinne Sinesi

“The biggest obstacle was having my boyfriend move and transfer. I was so used to having him here as my rock and best friend so it was really hard to adjust suddenly this semester after 3 semesters with him. It also affected my schoolwork because I didn’t have much motivation and I almost felt like I lost some purpose in general. It was really hard to accept at first, but I’ve definitely gotten better and made myself a happier person.”

“Although this was something I couldn’t change in any way, I tried to overcome the obstacle by focusing on myself. I surrounded myself with friends and people I love. I also distracted myself a lot with school work and extracurricular activities in order to keep myself busy. I also decided to study abroad for many reasons but this obstacle gave me the extra push to do so. I knew being abroad would give me so much purpose and a lot to look forward to every single day. If I got bored or felt down, I would instead get myself excited for the future. I also learned how to handle a long distance relationship and all the negative aspects that come with it. It was hard and there are still bad days but it’s all a learning curve. I think I just had to grow up more this semester so I could remain being my own  person. In the end I know there are much greater issues in the world and it helps to remind myself how lucky I am.”

Gianna Ordini

Source: Gianna Ordini

“The toughest part of this semester would be balancing school work and extra curricular activities. I was never one to get involved in a lot of things or take on leadership roles. However, this semester I took on a position on the Greek Council, the executive board of Dance Marathon, and I am a part of Phi Sigma Sigma. Time management has never been a strong suit of mine but, this semester has forced me to overcome that obstacle and I am thriving!”

Caroline Nash

Source: Alex Gaydos

“This semester I have had to balance 5 classes that are major related, new challenges within extra curricular activities, preparing for studying abroad, finding an internship for this summer, and my part time job. I also missed several days of classes because I had to travel to NYC for internship interviews. On top of all that, I had a random hives outbreak for 3 weeks, and I have 5 major projects due at the end of the semester.”

“I have overcome these challenges with time management, communication with professors as they are understanding of my circumstances, and realignment of my priorities”


These students have demonstrated perseverance, and once again proved The Hawk Will Never Die!


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