SJU Spirit Day?


SJU Spirit Day; Have you heard of it? After being abroad for the fall semester I have noticed that on occasion I learn about a new activity, club, or event at SJU that didn’t exist before I left. President Reed, its creator, launched this idea as a way to promote school spirit. The idea of the event is to wear SJU gear the first Friday of every month so collectively as a student body we are promoting school spirit. The students wear their favorite school sweatshirts, hats, or uniforms to show off their spirit for SJU.

The problem is though, is it well enough promoted? While some people have said they have never heard of the event they still expressed interest in the idea of showing school spirit along with their peers once a month. Other students knew that it was a day where students wore SJU clothes but not certain of the date. Few students have admitted to knowing all the details of this day, so where is it we can find this information?

To find out about the event details, you go to your account and it can be found on the calendar of events. Or, you could simply google the event and the link for the page will come up. The bottom line is, it’s a thing and we should participate. We should sport our crimson and grey and show off our SJU pride. Whether you’re sporting your favorite hat or running over to the bookstore to buy a new t-shirt, show off your school spirit. The next SJU Spirit day is this Friday, March 3rd.

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