It might seem impossible to break down the SJU experience into a few simple highlights; but, with a clever little pneumatic we were able to capture just a few of the SJU classics.   

S: Study Abroad – If you catch the travel bug while at Hawk Hill, the Center for International Programs is your place to find adventure. SJU offers dozens of study abroad and study tour opportunities to unique destinations. Pick from semester or summer options that work best with your schedule. Make your studies truly come to life by living and learning outside of the classroom.  

J : Jesuit – SJU is one of the many Jesuit Universities in the country that calls students to live certain morals and values that are rooted in service. The Jesuit ideals can be found in all parts of Saint Joe’s. SJU is just one of 28 Jesuit Universities around the U.S.

Pope Francis during his visit to SJU. (Photo by Joey Toczylowski ’19)

U: Undergraduate programs – SJU has a wide variety of majors for any student looking to find their passion. With programs from Accounting all the way to Theology, the opportunities for students are endless. Saint Joe’s also offers the option to minor in many different areas.

H: Hawk Wrap – The most popular food in DB has to be the notorious Hawk Wrap. Despite the whopping calorie count, it is mighty hard to resist the crispy chicken wrapped in a perfectly toasted wrap bathed in glorious spicy Hawk Sauce

A: Activities fair – The McShain lawn comes to life with club banners and signs advertising for new member sign ups. You’ll be asked to sign your name and email address more times than you can count and you will probably leave feeling overwhelmed knowing you do not have time to commit to the 20 clubs you signed up for. With over 90 clubs and activities available, there’s something for everyone at the activities fair.


W: Wings – Did you know that the SJU Hawk Mascot flaps its wings 3,500 times per game? That’s a lot of school spirit! Our Hawk is sure in great shape! 

K: Kinney Center – The Kinney Center gives students an opportunity to work with individuals with autism by providing services to the children and their families. They host many events around campus throughout the year so you’ll have plenty of chances to serve, like the Kinney 5k during Hawkfest! 

S: Service Learning – A true way to live the magis is to enroll in many of the Service Learning courses available at SJU. Service is incorporated into the classroom by going to local service sites and then discussing experiences with fellow students. The year long commitment is truly worth giving back!


These are just a few of the many key facts about our University. Quick, Easy, and Ready to share with any new or potential Hawks. What activities would you add into your own pneumatic?

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