The pandemic has affected all of us, some more than others. At Saint Joseph University the contact tracing team is working hard to stop the spread of COVID-19. The university is taking measures to keep students safe during this strange semester. One way they are going about keeping the community safe is by making students who have been in direct contact with someone with COVID to self-isolate. While the university is focused on trying to test students, quarantine students, and keep the campus open and safe, some students are struggling with their mental health more than others. 

Students who are asked to Self-isolation at Saint Joseph university are not allowed on campus for 14 days if you are a commuter, for students who live in a residential building, they will be asked not to leave their rooms for 14 days as well. For students who live in residential buildings get food and other essentials delivered to them. It is clear that although everyone is affected by the pandemic, students who are asked to quarantine or self isolate especially are struggling. 

Quarantining while still in an in-person class can take a toll on students, even though it’s the safest way for themself. Students who have had to isolate themself are struggling to keep up with in-person classes. 

We spoke with a couple of students who have been through the process of self-isolation so far this semester and almost every one of them had the same responses. “It was the worst 14 days of my life, I was pretty much close to losing my mind” – said a junior student. 

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