Are you tired of not getting the best results on Rate My Professor? A teacher that had the best score does nothing but read off the slides? Stress no more. We are here to tell you the best professors for you to take based on your major.

Professor Michael Ahern teaches Moral Foundations class here at St. Joe’s. He is one of my favorite professors because he is very transparent – meaning that what you see is what you get. He does not hide anything from you in terms of class work and goes over everything in great detail, really drilling the lesson through to the class. He is very funny and is able to connect with the class better than a lot of other teachers I have now and have had in the past.

Down to earth, funny and compassionate – Dan Jubinski, Head of the Finance Department at SJU, is one of the most popular professors on campus. Learn through repetition? Lucky for you, Professor Jubinski is all about the practice problems. He is thorough in making sure all of his students understand the material and is always eager to help his students succeed. Take Jubinski, you won’t regret it!

Tenaya Darlington is the best English professor I’ve had at Saint Joes. Her enthusiasm the second she walks in the door gets everyone motivated for class. She genuinely cares about what she does and it shows in her teaching techniques. I owe it to Tenaya Darlington for getting me interested in writing to the level that I have.

Professor David Allan is one of the best professors on campus because he is so understanding of what it is like to be a college kid. He always makes sure we know that if were late to class a couple times its OKAY and we can still come to class. If we ever need to miss class for an internship opportunity its OKAY, he will understand. He is very understanding and easy to talk to and teaches you not only about Marketing but also about life. You will definitely feel like you learned something new every time you leave his class.




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