As coronavirus lockdown continues to become stricter in states the roads have started to look deserted. Similar to something in a movie where time square is desolate and roads are barren for miles. Along with the closing of just about every non-essential business comes the closing of race tracks. This may not seem like a big deal to many but to automotive enthusiasts, it can be an outlet to legally speed. With the roads being empty and the tracks being closed it’s a bit of a no brainer why not a street race.

A look at the desolate time square

If anything street racing adds new challenges for those racing. Like the different pavement from that of a track and a regular road also the adrenaline of not getting caught by the police. It is like a modern-day fast and furious.

This culture of street racing has been prevalent for years, its the reason why race tracks were built in to get people off racing on the streets and endangering the public. Unless you seek a modern-day street race it is usually pretty hard to find. The people who race normally do so in the shadows in a sense.

An image of street racers

Until recently with the coronavirus has this culture become more prevalent. So why is street racing all the sudden becoming more apparent in the public eye? The first reason is the obvious one, the roads are more empty than usual creating less risk for hurting anyone not involved. The second is people are not working and want/need money fast. Most street racing isn’t just for fun it’s for money. Lastly is that people are bored and find it as a way to do something. If you’re into racing and the track is closed why not try your luck.

The video above shows just hoe prevalent street racing is during this pandemic. People aren’t being shy about it posting videos on Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat. This pandemic has created a sense of invincibility to many of these street racers. With the popularity of street racing growing during this pandemic and with no end date of the quarantine lockdown street racing will continue to grow.

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