Who says binge watching has to be totally mindless? As students, every time we sit down to study we think of all the other things we would rather be doing. Watching Netflix is at the top of that list. But, what if there is a way we could watch Netflix and not feel guilty about it. In fact, some of your favorite shows could even be teaching you something!

The Office – Management

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Even though Michael Scott has a mug that says ‘world’s best boss’, he doesn’t exactly exude textbook management techniques. But, you can learn from his mistakes.

House of Cards – Political Science

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From elections to international affairs to deception, House of Cards is Political Science 101.

Breaking Bad – Chemistry

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Putting aside all the illegal behavior in the show, there are a lot of chemistry facts said throughout the show. And, Walter White was a high school chemistry teacher so he is obviously a reliable source.

Criminal Minds – Psychology

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Everyone has thought about changing their major after watching Criminal Minds. You may not be a genius like Reid, but after watching the show, you’ll be able to catch the “unsub” like Hotch.

Grey’s Anatomy – Biology

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I’ve watched every season so I can perform open heart surgery now. Not only does Grey’s Anatomy teach you how to save lives, it also gives you a look into the drama of being in the medical field.