Question 1 – Is this a program that you are willing to take seriously and spend a lot of time with?

I really do like this show, but I am not sure if I am really in love it to to the point that I could watch multiple seasons. I enjoy watching the show, but to me the show has an overall corny feeling and is sometimes very predictable. The show isn’t very long either; it’s only 10 episodes. Every episode is about forty-five minutes so you can’t spend much time with the show, unless of course you watch the whole series in one day. 

Question 2 – What interests you about the story or the contents of the program?

What interests me about this show is that it’s a thriller, after every ending of an episode there is a cliffhanger. I love that when shows have that, it’s so hard not to watch the next episode. I also like the show that the kids are in high school. I am obviously no longer in high school, but I am not too far removed from that point of my life, so it is very easy to relative to the characters.   

Question 3 – What are the audience expectations of that particular genre?

The audience’s expectations are probably going to be that they are going to be on the edges of their seats during the show. I have said the show is predictable to some degree, but it still does have that thrill of what is coming next. I’ve mentioned several times that at the end of each episode there always is a cliffhanger so the audience should expect that you probably won’t be able to just watch one episode in a sitting, or at least I couldn’t.  The audience can also expect that the show remains consistent with current day trends.  It is unclear from the show when exactly the show is set, but you tell the show is attempting to connect with the under 25 viewers.

Question 4 – Look and listen to the opening credits. What mood does the music create? Are there other sounds? Are the characters introduced to you in some sort of context? Are the titles symbolic in their appearance, color, or placements?

In the opening credits of the show, the main character John B typically describes the situation for the start of the show.  The opening song is ‘Left Hand Free’ by Alt-J. The song has become famously known because of the show.  Episode 4 starts with John B and his friend on a boat using underwater cameras to search the old boat wreckage for the treasure.  Then John B’s problems arise again when the sheriff comes to take hi to child services because his uncle is still absent.  The show really does not have an opening theme to introduce the show and characters.  The show jumps right with John B’s narrative about the Outer Banks and the residents, Pogues and Kooks.  The music is current, and the scenery is shots of the characters from various points in the shows.  Beach scenery and the surrounding area is also features in the show openings.    

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