When it comes to school, everybody’s main goal is to succeed, and in order to succeed, we need to keep ourselves organized. Unfortunately, saying and doing are two different things. Keeping yourself organized can be a struggle for some, and for others, they might not even know where to begin. But before you freak out, we have some perfect ways to stay on top of your work.

Desk Organization by Julia Gray

Your living space and work desk are a crucial part of your life, and studies have shown that the amount of clutter around you has an impact on you. Uncluttered.com says that having a messy area can affect how you understand and focus. This can be an extreme hindrance to your studies. In return, Cleverism.com explains how having a clean desk can help you cut down the time you spend on work. Plus, it just looks nice! But maybe you aren’t sure how to organize – start by putting objects into certain spots, like pens, notebooks, pencils, and paper clips where they can be easily reached but not in the way. Real Simple has 9 do-it-yourself projects such as pencil holder, a memo board, and even a charging station where you can keep those pencils and files. Having a system in place is very important.

In addition, having a trash can nearby can stop litter from piling up.

Using these tips will help you clear your head and focus on studying, which in turn will make your life so much easier.

Wall Calendar by Julia Gray

Organization does not just mean cleaning up after yourself. It also means keeping your daily schedule up to date. Using a planner is a fantastic way to keep track of what you have to do and what’s coming. Deadlines can sneak up on you fast so in order to keep yourself from being overwhelmed suddenly, know what your week will look like ahead of time so you can adjust your schedule accordingly. This will not only help you with classes but also with your personal life, with things such as clubs and events. You can easily buy a planner from the SJU bookstore, or use the calendar on your phone! Both are convenient and easy to use.

adding cute drawings or stickers are a nice way to spunk it up a bit while keeping yourself organized.

Planner by Julia Gray

There’s a good chance none of us fully read over the syllabi. But, taking a good look at them can actually help you excel. Syllabi always tell you how classes are graded and what major assignments and exams you’ll have in the course. Knowing how a professor grades can come in handy. Usually, professors plan out the whole semester onto these, giving you the opportunity to see what you’ll be doing on a certain day. Sometimes professors don’t mention deadlines in class, so be sure to double check your syllabus if you think there’s an assignment you should be working on!

transferring these deadlines into a planner or calendar will really set you ahead on what’s due when.

While a complete change of workspace can be difficult, the outcome will be much more rewarding. Use these helpful tips to improve your lifestyle and work ethic!

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