Question 1 – Are there relationships in the program that you find intriguing?

In the show the relationship between Poe and Kiara becomes clearer and really interests me. They are best friends and share a strong friendship with John B and JJ also.  You can tell that Poe is attracted to Kiara beyond just their friendship, he has a crush on her.  In several scenes throughout the series after Kiara talks or says something important the camera immediately pans to Poe to show his reaction. It doesn’t really seem like Kiara feels the same way about Poe. I am wondering what’s going to happen between them, if they end up together, stay friends or even stop being friends because one doesn’t feel the same way.  Also, the relationship between John B and Sarah is heating up and is starting t cause friction between John B and his Pogue friends Kiara in particular.

Question 2 – What interests you about the story or the contents of the program?

Several aspects of the show interest me.  First there is the whole treasure hunt thing.  The show combines a real-life story line with the unrealistic mystery of the hunt for a sunken treasure.  The other aspect of the show that interests me is the cliffhangers at the end of each episode that are so good. The cliff hangers really leave me dying to see the next episode.  I am not a big fan of binge-watching television, but If I had time to sit and binge watch the entire series in one sitting, I think I could be able to do it for this show.

Question 3 – What are the conventions that make up the genre?

Outer banks genre is an adventure mystery teen drama.  Obviously, the main characters of the show are all teenagers.  The intrigue surrounding the disappearance of John B’s father and his continued search to find out what happened to his father and to find the treasure is the foundation for the mystery part of the show.  The show is also action packed at times which fits well with the teenage cast and the mystery surrounding the treasure hunt.  

Question 4 – Is the makeup natural? Does the makeup convey something about the character?

Most of the characters don’t wear much makeup, or at least you cannot tell that they are wearing makeup. Many of the scenes are in outdoor action-based settings including beach, swimming and boating scenes so the use of make-up is unlikely.  In some of the indoor settings, the Kook characters are dressed well and are likely to be wearing make-up to fit the lifestyle of the characters.  For example, in many scenes Sarah Cameron who is the main Kook character is likely wearing make-up, while Kiara who is a main Pogue character is likely not wearing make-up.  The use of make-up for the Kooks and the lack of make-up for the Pogues is consistent with the with the characters they are portraying.