My First Year As A Hawk


The End To A Covid-Filled College Year

Life in college during this worldwide pandemic that we have experienced for the past year or so hasn’t been easy, in my personal experience anyway. When I was a senior in high school, I always imagined college being a certain way; I had a picture in my mind of endless parties, a huge group of friends, and always something to do whenever I was bored. Even hearing some other people talk about their college experience such as my older family members and friends made me excited for my own college experience, and it painted a picture in my mind of what it would be. Sadly, it was not the case this year due to the coronavirus. To talk about my experience specifically, the first semester was still an adjustment for me going from a small high school to a college campus, but I feel like my adjustment wasn’t as drastic as I expected, which was a good thing at least. I expected to get lost on my way to classes, to miss some, and to be constantly drowned in work. However, whenever I had to miss a class or was unable to attend, I could easily just join the zoom for class that day, which used to not be an option in prior years without the overwhelming use of online classes and asynchronous lectures that we have today.

However, while the academic part of college hasn’t widely affected me personally, since I still have the same type of motivation even with online classes that I used to with in person classes, and to complete my work, it seems as though others learn better and stay more motivated when fully in person classes take place. Of course, I do wish that the classes this year had more options for in-person because I feel like I do learn better when I actually go to class face-to-face. Even though I have still stayed motivated to go to class everyday online while sitting in my room, it has been hard in some aspects at the same time. Not being able to go outside and walk to classes everyday does affect my eagerness to learn, although I try my best to keep on top of classwork and assignments.

To shift gears from the academic part to the social aspect of college, this is where it can get a little difficult for me. Pretty much the whole first semester I spent in my dorm room with my roommate because we were practically each other’s only friend. We would meet people here and there, but there were really no events or anything where we could really get to know people. This made it very hard to make friends and socialize, which was especially hard on me because I am a pretty outgoing person, and the one thing I was excited about in college was to meet new people and make a bunch of friends. It got to the point where both my roommate and I would go home pretty much every weekend last semester because I wasn’t as happy being at college as I thought I was going to be, which just proves my expectations were a lot higher than the reality of the first semester of college as a freshman.

Spring semester has been a little different; me and my roommate both have branched out a little more and have met some new friends. However, it still isn’t the easiest to hang out with the amount of people we want to, or who we want to because of the different dorm buildings and the limited amount of people per room. Although these guidelines are important for this year in college, it has made it very difficult for students to socialize and hang out with who they want. The social part of college was the part I was most looking forward to, which I’m sure many other freshmen were as well, and it hasn’t been easy on us. I hope that in the upcoming fall semester there will be more events and some changes made on campus that will bring all students closer together, and will allow for more motivated students and more socializing to happen. This year was a learning curve with the worldwide pandemic. We were all lucky enough to even be on the college campus at Saint Joe’s, with many other universities fully remote and not stepping foot on their campuses. I hope that with everything starting to get a little better day by day that there will continue to be progress made on college campuses, especially here, to open up more opportunities to the students to live the college experience they deserve.

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