Midterms are coming, and Club Lib (aka the Library) is nearly capped! With this irresistible fall weather and the many perks of studying outdoors, we’ve decided to take a step outside and show you the five best places to study outside the lib at Saint Joe’s.

1) Steps outside the Library: “Barbelin Beach”

Ah, the breeze in your hair and sun shining down, nothing’s better than spending a day reading at the beach! But summer is over and midterms are coming so we are going to be joining other hawks at our own beach. Barbelin Beach is the perfect place to study outside with great sunlight and a nice breeze. It’s the perfect location! It’s just outside the library, so you can still get the benefits of the library right there while enjoying yourself outdoors.

2) Merion Park

While walking a mile from campus does not seem like the ideal study spot, Merion Park is truly one worth giving a try. The mile long walk takes you through beautiful neighborhoods full of houses us SJU students dream of living in one day. The walking not only allows for stress relief on the way there, you also will get in at least 30 minutes of exercise for the day, a win win! At the park, there is open space for blankets or benches to sit on while you study. The park is full of the neighborhood people which has its perks, such as the neighborhood dogs, which are proven stress relief.

“I was originally opposed to going to Merion Park to study, but the walk there ended up being so enjoyable and allowed me to take a deep breath before studying”

Julia Testa ’21

3) Sweeney Field bleachers

A truly unusual find, the bleachers at Sweeney field have become to be one of our favorite spots. When sports teams aren’t practicing, the field tends to be relatively desolate and quiet. There are never many students on the bleachers so it can provide a getaway from the distraction of running into your friends. In addition, Sweeney field is sometimes lit at night, so if you’re having a late night study session but you don’t want to stay cooped up inside, these bleachers are perfect for you!

4) Iron Globe Courtyard

The Merion Side of campus is known for being more quiet and serene, which is perfect for studying. However, it is not everyone’s niche to pull out their blanket and lay on one of the various lawns on the Merion side. The Iron Globe Courtyard is the perfect solution for this dilemma. Located right outside of Merion, the Iron Globe Courtyard has plenty of benches to enjoy sun or shade, whichever you prefer. In between classes can allow for traffic in the area, but in general, it is scarcely populated and a perfect getaway from the library.

5) Barb Courtyard

Studying at Hogwarts? Sounds like a dream come true. While Saint Joe’s doesn’t have Quidditch matches, we do have our own little Hogwarts in Barbelin Courtyard. Surrounded by beautiful architecture, we love to spend our time studying on the shaded benches in this quiet and scenic area. Students don’t tend to hang out in the courtyard, so it always provides a quiet getaway in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

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