Book bags are not only good for practical reasons, but prove to be an essential wardrobe staple on a college campus, regardless of gender. Everyone has their own sense of style, and there is a wide variety of bags we see throughout campus multiple times per day. We could easily predict the type of person who sports each bag.

Let’s test your knowledge on the St. Joe’s student body and see if you can match each bag to the type of student.

Here are the types of students at SJU, where you’re likely to find them and their backpack of choice:

  1. Calling all artsy students! These people take their classes in the College of Arts and Sciences and like to explore their creative side. They’re into photography and all things aesthetic. They like to dress up once in a while but spend most of their days dressing down and letting their bag do the fashion work.
  2. These bags are typically on the shoulders of sorority girls everywhere. Wearers of this bag always look fashionable and put together. After class, they like to hangout either at Starbucks or on Barbelin beach when it’s warm out. Their favorite library spot is likely the first floor new side where they can chat with their friends while getting down to business.
  3. This bag is made for athletes, though not everyone who wears one necessarily is one. These bags can be found in O’Pake locker rooms, both male and female, and on the old side of the library when it’s time to crack down and get to work. This pack is all about balance.
  4. This bag is the mark of an adventure-loving student. This bag travels with them from the mountains to the library. Students donning this bag tend to be very involved and this is shown by the keychains and buttons that can be found on most of them. From Orientation Leaders to Weekly Service participants, this bag is pretty common on campus.
  5. You can find at least 30 of these bags in Mandeville at any given time. They’re a staple of students who have gone to Europe or dream of going. They’ve been a style icon for a long time and for good reason. The durability and style makes them a timeless and cool choice. The problem is, nearly every St. Joe’s female student owns one, making it less of a commodity.
  6. This campus is flooding with wealthy students, but not everyone has the money to purchase luxury cars, so they turn their attention and money to their backpacks. Wearers of this pack are from New Jersey, right outside of New York City. They are students in the Haub School of Business to take after their parents’ success. These students are ready to work for what they want, but aren’t afraid to pay attention to fashion, either.
  7. Are you really a student athlete if you don’t have this bag? You can find this bag on the field at 6 a.m. or in summer classes to get ahead and maneuver their busy schedule. These bags tell the student body what the wearers are involved in, making them a stamp of pride for those who own it.


Here are the bags: 

Leather Purse

Longchamp Purse

Under Armor Backpack

North Face Backpack

Audi Logo Backpack

Trendy Leather Backpack

Hawk Backpack


Look for the answers below! If you got 0-2 correct, Do you even go to Saint Joe’s? Get it together and be more observant of your peers. If you got 3-5 correct, you have a decent handle on what goes on at St. Joe’s. 6 or more correct, makes you an expert on all things Hawks! THWND!

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