Choosing a major may come naturally for some of us, but definitely not for everyone. As students here at Saint Joseph’s University, we should feel very lucky to have so many awesome majors and minors offered to us. Surprisingly, even though there are tons of majors, a lot of us end up choosing the same one. After finding the top majors here, we talked to our fellow classmates who took on these majors and heard what they had to say about them.

Food Marketing

Food marketing may be the most popular undergraduate major offered here. This major provides the Haub School of Business students with an in-depth study of major manufacturers, supply chains, marketing, sales, and more. Rachel Mcgrath, a junior here at Saint Joe’s is a food marketing major. “I first heard about food marketing because of its great reputation here at SJU and how it is very unique in that not many other schools have this as a major. I also thought this was a cool and different field of study to explore and learn more about and it will never go out of business as long as we still need food and marketing! My best piece of advice would be to take advantage of all the networking opportunities and alumni that also help find a career in the industry. Every week there are numerous events with companies coming in to give advice and offer internship opportunities which I would definitely recommend always trying to go to. With any major, I think it is important to keep up with your workload and stay organized. Also, I feel as though it is always important to make connections with my professors because most of them work in the industry and are a good resource to use”.

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Communication Studies

Another popular major here is Communication Studies Students who major in communications have a wide range of options on where they can take it some being media, the arts, marketing, public relations and journalism. Hannah Losa, a sophomore here at is a communications major. “A lot of people tend to think this is the “easiest major” when it’s totally not it’s just different work. The work is hands-on and creative forcing you to use the part of your brain that wouldn’t be used to study, say bio. I love the professors and the first name basis really makes a warmer environment because you almost feel like they are your friend. I wanted to be a communications major because I wanted to go into a graphic design program which Saint Joe’s does not offer so I figured comm was a close second. We are given so much equipment and tools on computers that I couldn’t imagine have learned anywhere else”.

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Psychology is a popular major here as well. Psych majors gain the theoretical and scientific framework necessary to be able to work towards improving people’s lives by anticipating, analyzing and developing reaction and interaction. Gabriella Salam, a sophomore here is a psychology major. “I have always been the type of person that wants to help people and is always making sure people are okay. Coming to Saint Joe’s I knew psych was what I wanted to major in so I was lucky. One of my favorite things about this major is that outside of class we participate in research studies that the department holds which has really allowed me to excel. I believe that psychology really challenges you to think and go above and beyond to come up with a hypothesis and research how the mind is. I would tell someone who chooses to become a psychology major that it is really rewarding because you’re able to help people in ways that others can’t”.

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Biology is another popular major amongst the students. The biology program at Saint Joseph’s exposes students to all levels of the biological organizations through teaching and hands-on experience. Lauren Ognibene, a sophomore here is a bio major. “As a biology major, I get to take classes that focus on different organisms such bacteria, plants, animals, and humans. This study can lead to things such as researching, diagnosing, and treating medical illnesses. The work in the biology courses are very demanding and challenging. Each quiz, exam, lab report, or practical need many hours a week of studying to master the information. I definitely think the workload is harder than other majors.  Having a couple of labs adds on work, research, lab reports and studying for practicals. Even the material covered in the science courses is intense and you need to remain proactive so you do not fall behind. I have always knew I wanted to do something in the medical field and taking Biology is the best way to get an understanding of the development and evolution of different organisms. It could lead into different paths such as research, graduate school, or medical school. Taking biology classes is a lot of time, effort, and work. You really have to be devoted, interested, and dedicated to it because there is so much expected out of this major. If you are interested in the biology classes you will be taking, you will always enjoy going to class”!

Media Credits: Will Blair

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