And if you take a look around at students’ laptops at SJU, 9 out of 10 times those laptops will have various stickers on the back. Here at SJU, people are obsessed with having stickers on their laptops, water bottles, and anything else they have out for everyone to see. People typically choose stickers that show aspects of what they like, where they’re from, what they’re involved in, etc. Even if you don’t know someone on campus, if you take a look at the back of their laptop, you can get a good idea of the kind of person they are. If they don’t get their stickers by hand, the company Redbubble has an enormous selection of stickers that SJU students adore. Here are six different people’s laptop stickers from around campus that stood out as far as revealing who they are personally.


Emma Brenner ‘20

Emma’s stickers are all off of Redbubble. Her laid back, aesthetically pleasing stickers reveal her appreciative, positive, and easygoing mindset. The camera, explore, live with purpose, and map show her love for adventure and experience. The clothes over bros sticker is her way of saying she doesn’t need no man. And of course, she has a pretty Saint Joseph’s University sticker in the middle to represent the place she loves the most.


Caroline Cronin ‘17

Caroline’s laptop shows that she is involved at SJU through APEX, Student Senate, and campus ministry activities. The TH stands for One Tree Hill, her favorite show on Netflix. The bottom right corner is Lizzie McGuire’s cartoon with a funny twist because she’s holding a glass of wine. Caroline’s laptop reveals how she’s passionate for SJU and all that it offers and also some classic TV from the 2000’s.


Carly Van Houten ‘19

Carly has a well-rounded set of stickers that show her love for music, TV, food, and stuff she’s involved in at SJU. The animated ice cream cone, Surf Taco, and the character with “EAT” in its mouth are all places she goes to eat down the shore.  The guy with hands over his mouth is Stefon from SNL, the black and white collage is from the show Arrested Development, and the 3 is Chance the Rapper’s album. Seb’s is the place from the movie Lala Land, which Carly is obsessed with. She’s involved with APEX and is a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi.


James Kinzer ‘20

James’ laptop shows his involvement on the Rugby team at SJU and his overall athleticism with his sticker. He is a proud supporter of President Trump and the ADK stands for the Adirondack Mountains in New York. His laptop doesn’t have a lot, but just by looking at it you could get an idea of who James is.


Robbie Curley ‘20

Robbie’s laptop exhibits his passion for music, and Disney, and also his cool sense of style and hilarious personality. He not only has a Walt Disney World sticker but also a Mickey Mouse middle finger. Demi Lovato is the center of Robbie’s life, so obviously she gets a sticker. He has the brain, yin yang, and diamond because of the edgy aesthetic they bring to the laptop. His aspiration in life is to move to LA, so he has a sticker of there. The sloth in the astronaut suit and the upside down Jeep symbol that spells beer epitomizes Robbie’s carefree, relatable, and funny persona.


Bernadette Crehan ‘20

Bernadette is a lover of art, music, the Earth, and politics. She exhibits her political passions with a comedic edge; she has Alexander Hamilton with some chill shades, Obama repping a Supreme shirt, the fox dissing misogyny, and Marie the cat representing the feminists. The guy throwing the flowers is a graffiti piece by an artist named Banksy and it represents anti-war, violence, and terrorism. She has stickers for her two favorite bands, Group Love and The Front Bottoms. LYM is for the organization Love Your Melon which supports Pediatric Cancer. Her laptop truly exhibits her caring heart.

– Colleen Duddy

All images including featured taken by Colleen Duddy


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