“Working Hard for Something We Don’t Care About is Called Stress. Working Hard for Something We Love is Called Passion.” -Simon Sinek

It is scientifically proven that the left hemisphere of the brain and the right hemisphere of the brain function very differently. Our left hemisphere focuses on logic, science, math, writing, analytic thought, etc. Our right hemisphere focuses on art, creativity, imagination, music, etc. But how does this translate for us students here at SJU? The answer is this: If we are constantly exercising one hemisphere over the other, it can become harder to use the other hemisphere for a class we are not used to.

Now we all know those classes that we have to take but truly want to avoid as long as possible. For some it’s your GEP requirements, for others it may be an elective or two to reach that 40 course requirement in order to graduate. Granted, sometimes these classes work out and we fall in love with them and decide to change our major completely. Other times, they lead us to decide to take a minor in a new subject field. On the other hand, sometimes the hope of making it through the class alive is what keeps us going. But no matter which category you fall into, here are some tips to help put a smile on your face and excel in classes your brain is not accustomed to.


Tip #1: Brew that coffee hot and strong

If you’re a big believer in that “cup of coffee before you do anything” tactic, then make sure before you go to that dreaded class you make your coffee extra hot and extra strong so you can stay awake!

Tip #2: Quote Some Quotes

Downloading an app that gives you an inspirational quote  everyday is a great way to get in the mindset of “this is going to be a wonderful day.” Try setting notifications so you get that extra boost of confidence right before you head into class! Think positive!

Tip #3: Fake It Til Ya Make It

Now we all know this famous saying but sometimes it proves to be too true. Go in and act like this class is your favorite and ya never know it might end up to be. The possibilities are endless!

Now, although there is no guarantee that these tips will give you an A, you might just end up looking forward to going to that class. Even if ya don’t, just keep in mind: it’s only one semester.


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