How To Start Your Week Off Right

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Take a second and put yourself in this common situation most college students have to deal with every Sunday. The weekend is sadly over and you just remembered you have a paper due in two days and a major test this week, Yikes. Your first reaction might be to panic, but I am writing this to tell you that you will be able to conquer your week, complete your assignments on time and not be to overwhelmed because you know how to time manage! Although Mondays can be overwhelming because yet again a student has to restart and plan out their week, the stress it brings can be easily alleviated if you know how to plan out your week correctly.

One thing I have learned my sophomore year through other people’s advice is that it is key to use a planner and to do one thing at a time. I try to take one assignment at a time because that is the only way you can avoid being overwhelmed with all your upcoming homework that is due. I say to myself what I can do right now that will be the most productive. Once I complete that assignment I go to my planner and I cross that off right away and honestly feel a huge sigh of relief. As a student you must be organized to be successful as cliché as that sounds it really is true. The one major approach I found to be a huge stress reliever is to take one thing at a time. I guarantee you if you plan out your week carefully and try not to complete a million things at once you will be successful in all of your classes and be able to overcome the week.

Carlee Harbright

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