Are you struggling to keep your grades up as the semester comes to a close? Are you looking for resources that will be able to help you get that A?  On Saint Joseph’s University’s campus, there are multiple resources that can aid you with research help, guidance with classes, writing advice, tutoring, and so much more.  

If you’re failing a course for the semester, it is important to reach out for help as soon as possible. Take advantage of your professor’s office hours that are listed on the syllabus. If there are extra credit opportunities listed on the professor’s syllabus, make a conscious effort to attempt to complete these assignments in during your free time.  It is also important to keep in contact with your parents or guardians if you are failing a course…you do not want them to find out after the semester is over that you did not receive credit for a class. 

Do not be afraid to talk to your professor! They are here to help you. Addressing your concerns directly with your professor is a great way to show that you care and your professor can offer you practical advice. Check out this article for tips on how to talk to your professor.

For athletes, study hall can be a great time to get work done for first year students.  Learning how to manage a highly demanding and intense sport as well as a college course load is difficult the first semester.  Although it is mandatory, taking advantage of study hall is one of the ways you can stay up to date on assignments and manage your time more effectively.

As the semester enters into the home-stretch, more professors assign essays, especially lengthy research papers. We polled our fellow St. Joe’s students about whether or not they have visited the writing center, and around 50 percent of students say that hey have utilized this on campus tool.  The writing center offers assistance to students looking for feedback on writing assignments from upperclassmen that have experience in varying levels of classes at the university. In Merion Hall (room 164) and in Post Learning Commons (room 128), writing center tutoring is open during designated times every day of the week.   

The Writing Center located in 162 Merion Hall. Photo taken by Sam Tush.

In addition to the writing center, peer tutoring services are also available for drop-in appointments and scheduled appointments located in the basement of Bellarmine.  On the peer tutoring webpage, the courses offered for tutoring are listed; even if you do not see the class you need help with on the list, you can always request support through emailing the tutoring coordinator. These tutoring sessions are totally free, and are very helpful.

“Going to the tutoring center for my Financial Accounting class helped me get a good grade on my final exam, and bumped my overall grade from a C to a B.” – SJU Student ‘21. 

In the library, the librarians are specially trained to help students conduct and collect research for papers, projects, etc.  You can schedule an appointment with a librarian or consult the online Help Center.  The online Help Center answers some of the most frequently asked questions, which is convenient for students who do not have enough time to make an appointment.  The front desk at the library also holds open hours for any questions that arise when researching, writing a paper, or even trying to find texts in the building.         

Lauren, SJU Student ’22, discussing end of semester grades. Video taken by Sam Tush.

Every student on campus has an advisor who is a professor at the university. Reaching out to your advisor is another great way to seek advice on how to help your grades. Emailing your advisor is a great start to schedule a meeting time with them and go over what you need. 

Even though it may seem “too late” to change a grade you’re unhappy with, it is never too late to talk to your professor about possible ways to increase your chances of passing or getting the A.  It’s important to remember that a grade does not determine intelligence or self-worth. Although is easy to become upset about a certain grade, there are many services and resources on campus that are readily available to assist you in the process. Prioritizing your academics should come first, which may be a hard skill to learn as a college student. Most importantly, remember to truly try your best with every assignment. 


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