It’s 9am on a Friday morning, you wake up to the blaring sound of your alarm. Your head is pounding and you feel like you haven’t had a sip of water in days. Then, it suddenly hits you that you have classes that day. You start to remember all of the fuzzy events from the night prior and suddenly feel a wave of illness and regret. You don’t think you’ll be able to make it, so what do you do? You take the ‘L’ and decide to skip class. Do you email your professor with an extensive fake excuse or not even send an email? Also, how will you find out the material covered in class? Here are the do’s and don’ts of skipping class and how to catch up after skipping:

Tip #1:

Before making the decision to skip class, you should consider your professor’s absence policy and also how many times you’ve been absent previously. You can usually find this on the syllabus, or on your professor’s Canvas portal. 

Tip #2:

If you are going to skip class, most professors do not like when you email them asking what was covered in class. We spoke with a few professors and asked for their opinions on this. One said, “If a student emails me, asking what we did in class, I probably will tell them to ask another student in the class or schedule an appointment to meet with me to discuss the content that was covered. It’s all about respecting each other’s time.”

Tip #3:

Make sure you have some background knowledge on the material before going to your professor. After asking a friend for the notes from the class you missed, review the material and catch up on any work you missed right away. Read the section in the textbook that contains the material covered in the class you missed and then go to your professor during their office hours if you still do not understand some things.

Tip #4:

If you email your professor with an excuse, keep the details to yourself and make your email nice and concise. “The more detail, the more likely I will think it’s fake.”

Try this:
Not this:


Tip #5:

Canvas is your friend. Check if any assignments, notes, or PowerPoints were posted.

Tip #6:

Take advantage of your skip day, make it worth it.

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