Sophia Dell’Arciprete ’22 wants students to know about SJU’s first student-run, fair trade, and organic coffee company. 

As finals creep closer, students are living off coffee and SJ Brew is the perfect source for their caffeine needs. Dell’Arciprete is the CEO and photographer of SJ Brew- a fair trade and organic coffee brand created by SJU students. Their coffee is Nicaraguan grown and Pennsylvania roasted.

SJU students got the idea for the company on a fair-trade study tour in Nicaragua. 100 percent of profits from coffee sold goes towards making Latin American study tours accessible for all SJU students.

The group saw the value of fair trade and sustainable practices and wanted to bring these ideas back to campus. Students used knowledge of fair trade and coffee production learned in a sociology class to create SJ Brew. 

You can buy SJ Brew products on their website or at the pod. They have light and dark roast in both whole bean and ground coffee.

Their website also offers several different mugs. Buying their product will support the growing partnership between SJU students and Nicaraguan coffee farms and encourage the growth of high quality and sustainable coffee.

Purchasing sustainable coffee ensures that the coffee is grown in a way that conserves nature and provides better livelihoods for those who grow and process it. They follow strict regulations that ensure the coffee is made with the farmers in good living conditions.

A floor price for products protects worker wages from the volatile market. Their coffee is grown by fair trade farmers at the CORASCAN co-op in San Juan Del Rio Coco, Nicaragua. Fair Trade International provided a premium to the farms, who collectively voted on how to use it.

Visit the SJ Brew office in Post Hall room 100 during their walk-in hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Be sure to follow their Instagram and check out their website.