As  students, we spend a whole lot of time on campus. From O’Pake to the Library to Campion, our time on campus can be spent  so many different ways. The SJU campus is great place to explore interests, accomplish goals, and do what you love. I went around asking students what they love to do on campus and here’s what they said:

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“I like to spend time with my friends on campus. As long as I’m around them, I’m happy.” – Jenn Tague, Freshman, Communications and Music Major

“I love sitting on the second floor new side of the library with my City Belles.” – Aly Seechock, Junior, English Major, Theatre and Faith Justice Studies Minor

“Whether I’m at Campion, with my friends, giving tours to prospective students, working out, or hanging in my apartment, I’m always having a good time.” – Dom Vivolo, Sophomore, Sports Marketing Major

“I enjoy the activities I am involved in on campus, like APO, City Belles, and APEX!” – Rachel Castellano, Junior, Communications Major, Marketing Minor

“When I’m not with friends in the Library or in Campion, I play music and sing with my a capella group.” – Andy Powers, Senior, Food Marketing Major

Our campus is a great place to get work done as well as do the things you love. So get out there and enjoy your time on Hawk Hill. Do what you love and love what you do, Hawks!

– Maddie Michowski


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