Failing a class? There aren’t many known options on what to do when this situation occurs.

The Office of Student Success is here to help! Kim Allen-Stuck, Ph.D. is our Assistant Vice President for Student and Educational Support, and she advises failing students as they look for next steps.

An extraordinary withdrawal from a class is the best option. “You need an extraordinary reason.” This type of withdrawal is relatively rare, and a student would need an extraordinary reason to drop just one class as opposed to their entire course load.  

Even for those excelling right now, these last couple weeks inevitably entail stress.

There are just two weekends left before the end of the fall semester, which is why Allen-Stuck advises students to use time to their advantage. She urges students to practice good time management skills during finals week, when classes would typically be in session. 

Planning ahead is truly the key, while simultaneously allotting time for breaks and rewards. When motivation runs low, having an incentive matters.

For those not on top at the moment, no need to worry! Allen-Stuck tells us herself, “For most students, your worst semester is your first semester.” Taking what you learned from this semester and applying it for the second half of the year will help you improve.

The Student Success Center offers a lot of support services to help students all year long. Students with an IEP or a 504 plan are eligible for accommodations at SJU, and tutoring and supplemental instruction are open to all. When facing any obstacle or setback, you can schedule a meeting to get help and connect with resources at Saint Joe’s.  

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