There is so much more to the Writing Center than meets the eye. These other services can be a real lifesaver.

“You never want to impede someone’s own voice when they’re writing.” said Rose Wheldon

1.) Poetry/Creative Writing

Tutors helping students with their papers

Got assigned a creative writing or poetry project? Not sure what to do next? The writing center can help. The center can help you try and brainstorm some ideas for your writing piece. It can also help you put together a creative writing piece the same way they would help you with a thesis paper.

2.) Resumes

The Career Center isn’t the only place where you can get help for your resume. If your trying to put together a job resume, the writing center is here to help.  They can show you where to start. They’ll teach you how to put all your information together, how to write it out so it sounds better. The center can even help you format it looks neat and professional. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a neat, perfect resume that will be sure to impress anyone who sees it.

3.) Group Projects

The front desk attendant is hard at work

We all know the stress of lazy group members. If you have a group project but you feel like your group could use some extra help, the writing center is here. The writing center can help you create and organize your group project in a similar way to how they help with thesis papers. Be warned, the writing center will only help if you’re entire group is present.

4.) English Conversation Groups

Here at SJU, there students who have english as a second language. English is a really tricky language to learn, so practicing it is very important. The writing center hosts ESL Conversation Groups. These groups give international students a space where they can practice their english speaking skills through conversations. This gives students the practice they need to become more skilled and comfortable with speaking english.



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