It’s no secret that college students have been taking advantage of virtual learning environments this past year. With finals approaching, many students are feeling pressured to perform at their fullest potential. From screenburnout to technical difficulties, remote learning is something we are all struggling with right now.

So how do we handle remote finals? Here are some handy study tips to help you finish the semester strong. 

Create a Study Schedule

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Feeling like your days fly by? You may have absolutely no sense of time of day while spending the entire day in the comfort of your own home. When prepping for finals, it is extremely beneficial to set designated study times. This can help minimize the temptation to wander into the kitchen or mindlessly scroll through Instagram when you should really be studying. 

Take note of your study habits so you can properly absorb all the information needed to ace your finals. 

Pick a Quiet Study Space

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Choose a designated area in your home for studying and taking exams. Committing to a designated work space (other than your bed) will allow you to differentiate work and relaxation time.

Try to pick a space with minimal distractions where you can sit for extended periods of time comfortably and focused. If you live in a noisy household, try using noise-cancelling headphones and inform other household members of the times that you will need as little noise as possible.

Take Breaks

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Concentrating looks different right now. While you may not be able to refuel while relaxing at a local coffee shop, make sure you are changing rooms. Spending too much time in one room could make you lose focus. 

Taking periodic breaks will leave you feeling refreshed to help maximize your attention span. 

Give yourself at least 15 minutes to recharge yourself. Drink plenty of water, fuel up, and breathe!

Get Dressed

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Being able to stream class from the comfort of your own bed in your PJ’s is satisfying. However, when it comes to getting in the zone, getting dressed is more important than you think. Getting dressed signals a shift in your brain that you are in work mode. A simple outfit change can help make a dramatic change in your mindset and ability to focus. 

Ask For Help

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You may be away from campus, but that doesn’t mean your resources are. Stay in contact with your classmates and professors. Everyone is adjusting to remote learning differently, but it is important to stay connected and not isolate yourself. You are not alone!

Feeling motivated? Start by getting dressed and turning those plans into action. Stay focused and determined. Happy Studying!