Studying is a necessity to succeeding in college, however your body and mind sometimes need a break. With a couple of these creative workouts we have combined popular study spots with popular exercises that will easily and quickly give your mind and body a study break you deserve! Find a workout, complete it, feel great, and get right back to the college grind!


Lib Leg Day: Sitting still at a desk for multiple hours writing a six page paper or studying for your upcoming exam can get extremely long, boring, and tedious. At this point you have no doubt been sitting for hours definitely not using your legs, so why not take a little break and put them to use! Find a small open space in the lib and follow along with these exercises until you feel that burn and until your brain is ready to head back and hit the books!

  1. The Pistol Squat- Lift one leg up, with the leg that is straight standing, bend it down into a “sitting” position, both arms straight out for balance! Try five of these squats on both legs alternating.

2. Lateral Lunge- Stand, legs hip length apart, hands on your hips. Extend one leg straight out to the side, the other leg bend down towards the ground to that side. Alternate sides ten times each!

3. Goblet Squat- Stand a little further apart than shoulder width. Squat all the way down to the ground and back up. If you would like to add some weight to this grab a textbook and hold it in front of your chest! Feel the butt burn ladies and gentlemen!

4. Donkey Kick- Get on all fours for this fun exercise. Choose a leg and kick it back behind you and up slightly just like a donkey kicks. Alternate legs each time and see how many you can accomplish in a minute!

5. One leg deadlift- Stand straight up slightly extending one leg to the back. When you feel stable enough extend that leg all the way up and lean your body slightly forward. TIP: Keep your arms out to the sides for more stability. Try about five on each leg!

6. Glute bridge- Lay on the ground on your back for this next exercise. Bend your knees so that your feet are both flat on the ground. Raise your hips up and suck that tummy in. Try these twenty times!

7. Wall Squat- The notorious wall squat is always saved for last! Find the nearest wall or sturdy bookshelf and bend in a sitting position. Time yourself and see just how long you can hold this for!



Bookshelves Butt Day: The bookshelves is one of the most underrated places in the library to study, so lets make use of them! Since the bookshelves are secluded and quiet a quick butt workout is the perfect option for a fast break to get your blood pumping again.

  1. Alternate between 10 squats and 10 lunges for about 10 minutes and you’ll feel the burn and re-energized for sure. If you want to continue


A+ Ab Day: Ab workouts are one of the easiest exercises to do in small areas and quickly. With these couple of exercises you can step away from your computer screen and take a step in the right direction to a better core! All you’ll need is the ground and your body, If you want do these with a friend for double to fun.

  1. Start with 20 reps of crunches or if you don’t have a ton of time just set the timer for 1 or 2 minutes and see how many you can get done in that amount of time.
  2. Next try some “Flutter Kicks.” Lay completely on your back, hands by your side and legs extended straight out. Raise both legs slightly into the air and “flutter” them up and down. You’ll definitely feel the burn in your abs so make sure to breath through this exercise.
  3. Before you head back to that computer screen here one last simple and fun exercise, the plank! Set your timer for 1-2 minutes face downwards towards the ground weight on your elbows and balancing on the ball of your feet behind you. This exercise is not only great for your core but also takes the pressure off your back that builds up when sitting still in a chair for too long!



Campion Cardio Day: You may be wondering how a cardio exercise is possible in a library or where ever you may be studying but trust me it is. Cardio takes a little longer so if your looking for a solid twenty minute study break this one is definitely for you. Ready to take on the challenge?

  1. March while doing arm circles for 1 minute, knees high, arm circles wide!
  2. The classic jumping jacks for 2 minutes
  3. High knee run for 3 minutes. Jump one knee up at a time keeping your hands in a tabletop position.
  4. The butt kicker! Kick you legs behind gently hitting your butt. Make sure to alternate legs! Try this for about 4 to 5 minutes.
  5. The cross jack! Here’s a twist on the classic jumping jack. Jump, legs out, arms out then jump in crossing both your arms and legs over each other. Try this for about 5 minutes



Perch Pilates: The perch is yet another area not many think about studying in. There is lots of space, it’s usually pretty quiet on weeknights or on weekend mornings. If you do decide to study in this area, pilates or yoga fit well in this setting.

  1. Forward bend- Lean your back and arms over touching your toes, head down. This position stretches out your lower back and feels great.
  2. Chair Pose- Sit back into a chair position bending your legs but extend your hands upward. Hold this position until you feel a good stretch.
  3. Child’s pose- Get down on your knees and lay your stomach over your legs arms extending forward on the ground and rest your head letting it fall downwards. Rest in this calming position for however long you need.
  4. CHALLENGE: The Camel Pose- Stand on your kees body upright and tall. When ready, bend your back backwards reaching your arms backwards to touch your feet. Reach your head backwards as well and feel the stretch in both your abdomen and back.


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