SJU’s Artsy Neighbor

The secret Barnes Foundation. 

Saint Joseph’s University is an ever expanding school that has picked up speed this school year.

Penned in November, Saint Joseph’s has agreed to lease the Barnes Foundation. The twelve acre arboretum on the Lower Merion campus is a secret to many SJU students. The Barnes Foundation is dedicated to the “advancement of education and the appreciation of the fine arts and horticulture.”

The surprisingly quiet media coverage hides the amazing opportunities for all majors.

What’s the Deal?

Expanding campus to the Barnes Foundation.

The deal costs Saint Joseph’s University $100 a year over a span of  30 years. This agreement will be then be renewable in 20 year periods until the year 2107. Saint Joseph’s University is also required to make a minimum $5 million in improvements to the property.

The Barnes Foundation has a 20,000 square foot art gallery. Saint Joseph’s students will thrive from the opportunities to display their art in a prestigious institution.

In addition to the immense art collection, the arboretum consists of 2,500 types of plants and flowers. The impressive horticulture exhibits will stay open to the public. The Barnes Foundation plans to continue maintaining the arboretum.

SJU’s Creativity Soars

Art benefits all majors.

This agreement offers unbelievable opportunities for Saint Joseph’s students in the School of Arts and Sciences. Plans to start a horticultural studies minor fosters the possibilities of expanding GEP requirements.

But, it should not just be Art and Science majors that care about the new addition to campus. Students in the Haub School of Business need to care too.

Art has so many benefits for a person no matter their major or school. College can be such a stressful time. That’s what’s so important about this agreement, the opportunity to escape!

Exploring and immersing oneself in art can reduce stress and anxiety, improve self expression, and improve identity development. Saint Joseph’s prides itself on creating students that strive to live greater. That’s the Magis!

Art is critical to the molding of well rounded and thoughtful students.

Escaping through art can help business students improve their emotional balance, create stronger community ties, and grow a wider world view. The Arts are something that anyone can go and escape their crazy, college lives through.

Saint Joseph’s expansion of the Barnes Foundation creates the perfect escape for all students looking to embody the Magis.  


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