If you’re reading this… there is a very good chance you are a Millennial or Gen Z’er. You value worth, flexibility, relationships, and understanding. 

Millennials represent the largest segment of today’s population. Millennials are a unique generation, as they grew up during a time of rapid technological expansion that has changed the way we function and connect with the world. They often get a bad rap from Baby Boomers– lazy, entitled, lower self-esteem, and always demanding instant gratification. But is it fair to label Millennials this way? They were the ones that grew up with smartphones, social media, and unfettered access to the internet, not boomers.

Bridging the gap between generations has become increasingly important to understand for compatibility in the workplace. 

We surveyed SJU students on how essential technology is for the coming generations. 

Screen Time Survey: Emily Cook
Social Media Survey: Emily Cook

Using social media is inevitable for younger generations to be connected, valued and recognized. Technology is all around us and has rewired the way our brains work. With unfiltered access to the media, younger generations have a tendency to assume that the ease of technology will be available everywhere and understood by anyone leaving older people confused and aggravated.

The Bottom Line

Millennials and Generation Z’ers possess many characteristics that are unique in comparison to past generations. The evolution of technoculture has created a gap in how different generations go about their daily lives. So next time you are sitting around the Thanksgiving table and your Uncle Rob tells you that your generation is hopeless, you will have a rebuttal.