Every year it’s the night before and you’re throwing together pieces of a costume and calling yourself a “sexy cheerleading mailman.” Cut the crap. We’re giving you 4 homemade costumes that are very affordable, while still managing to do their jobs. 


Grab a nightgown, a pair of slippers, and anything that resembles a cane to pull off Nana dearest. All of these things can be found at Target or any other clothing store.


Don’t have a sporty bone in your body? On October 31st you’re the most athletic person to hit the field. Throw on a sports jersey and start stretching. These jerseys can be found in Stores like Nike and Adidas.


We’re throwing it back to the 70’s this Halloween. Funky pants, a denim jacket, and you’re trendiest pair of sunglasses and bam! You’re a hippie. Forever 21 is a great store to find these things. 


It’s time to hit the books. You’re getting straight A’s this Halloween. A pair of jeans, a button down, and a pair of glasses will have you at the top of your class in no time. American Eagle Outfitters has an assortment of vibrant button downs and jeans.

These four costumes will kickstart your Halloween and save you money (and possibly save you from stress). Gather any clothing items in your house and add your own twist to the costumes we’ve suggested. Trick-or-Treat!


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