This Friday at 6:30pm in The Perch the SJU Improv Team will have their April Fools Day Show! The team will be pairing up with Autism Speaks (ASU) for this event, so all of the proceeds will go to improving the lives of people who live with Autism.

Team members: Cory Blazer ’17, Nick Connors ’18, Chris Kenkelen ’20

I was fortunate enough to sit in on the teams practice this Thursday, and let me tell you I have never laughed so hard in my life! Everyone is so creative and the team works so well together, I’ve never seen anything like it. After talking to multiple members of the team the overwhelming message I got from them is that they are not just a team, they are a family.


Eileen Welsh’17 says “My favorite part of Improv has been making new friends throughout the years of being on the team and seeing them all flourish and come out of their shells, just like I did from my freshman year to now”. This sentiment is shared by many of her teammates, particularly for those in their last season at SJU.

Team Member: Eileen Welsh 17′

While sitting in on this practice, I also got to talk to the newer members of the group. I wanted to know why they joined improv in the first place and what they like most about it. Chris Kenkelen ’20 says “My brother actually started the Improv team with a few of the people that are still here, and I am happy I joined. I love hanging out with everyone on the team and most of all making people laugh”.

I interviewed current co-presidents, Grace Kocubinski ’17 and Jimmy Wyatt ’17, about the club and what they want their legacy to be. Both hope that the team will continue to grow and keep the sense of family that has flourished in this community. The future co-presidents, TJ Stackhouse 18′ and Nick Connors ’18, are looking forward to seeing more people try out for the team next year! They will also be holding “Community” every other Tuesday, which is the club where students can partake in improv without having to perform. I hope to see a big turn out for the show tomorrow and even more for people trying out for the team next year!

Team members: Chris Kenkelen ’20 and Molly Ledbetter ’17


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